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From vacation home insurance and inexpensive boat insurance, to contractor’s liability and professional liability. We have affordable insurance options to protect your family, your business and your life. 

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As a brokerage, we don’t work for a carrier..We work for you. We’re able to prioritize our client’s needs over those of a carrier. So our policies come with a local agent, ready to  advocate on your behalf. 

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Our local insurance agency in Meredith NH has all the personal and business insurance options you need, in one place.

We don’t like the “one size fits all” approach. So we work with a variety of carriers – the names you know and love – to deliver a sweeping range of coverage and pricing options.  We compare their personal and commercial insurance products on your behalf at no extra cost…Because options are great, and we think you deserve to have some.

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Home Insurance

Vacation/Second Home Insurance

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Condo Insurance

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Boat Insurance

RV Insurance

Pet Insurance…

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If the standard expectation is  “X” then you can count on us to provide “X+1”.  We go the extra mile to really knock your socks off and it’s worth it. That little bit extra that we put in means you’ll have more clarity, more opportunities to tailor your policy, and less time feeling frustrated by your insurance.