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On Monday, the Lakes Region Chamber of Commerce delivered their 2020 Community HEROES Awards, recognizing individuals in the community that demonstrate commitment, and leadership when it comes to bettering our communities.

Ted Fodero of Meredith Insurance Agency received the J Bart Conners Community Hero award for his outstanding dedication to the local business community, and to furthering the mission of the Lakes Region Chamber of Commerce; The mission to improve and enhance the economic vitality and quality of life for the Lakes Region Community.

Representatives from the Lakes Region Chamber of Commerce surprised Ted outside of the Meredith Insurance office at 2 Lake Street, to present the award. Upon masking up and entering the Lake Street office, you will immediately run into two donation bins. One is for the Annual Greater Lakes Region Children’s Auction which raises funds for local charities. The other is for the Meredith Rotary Interact Club’s Soxtober Campaign, which collects socks for foster care, and low-income relief programs. 

It quickly becomes clear why Fodero has earned the honor of this award. 

In addition to using his office space to further local initiatives, Fodero sits on the board of many local organizations including the Greater Meredith Program, Kidworks Learning Center, The Lakes Region Chamber of Commerce, and the Career Partnership Program to name a few.  

“Meredith Insurance Agency, which is a member of Davis & Towle Group, will never become a generic, disconnected insurance agency thanks to Ted.” said Taylor Flanders, marketing director for Davis & Towle, “Being the manager of Meredith Insurance isn’t just about coverage and claims for Ted. Like everything in his life, it’s about the community.”

Our manager, Ted Fodero, likes to be in the company of good people, who are doing good things. It’s pretty simple. But this simple pursuit can become the heartbeat of a town when given the right outlet. That’s why Fodero personifies the value of locally owned and operated businesses within a community. They invest time and effort back into the people and places that surround them.

If Ted is thriving, you better believe he’s helping his neighbors and clients to do the same.